Carry Out and Curbside Menu



***now offering family size bowls & salads***


Coming soon: family size soup!

We proudly source as many local and organic ingredients as possible, and most of our menu is naturally gluten-free, including our fryer.

Snacks - $6 each  /  snack pack 3 for $16

  • Charlou Hummus 

  • Crisp Veggies (great for dipping!)

  • Lavash Crackers

  • Charlou Pickled Veggies

  • Corn Chips and Salsa Verde

  • Charlou Poke

  • cornbread w/honey butter

  • Smoked Rockfish Dip

  • Smoked AK Salmon Sticks

  • Charlou Potato Chips

  • Chugach Chocolate Bar:

    • Prince William Sound Sea Salt

    • AK Birch Syrup Toffee


$8 individual / family size $19

Top off your salad!

Avocado - 3

Candied Smoked AK Salmon - 7

Organic Smoked Tofu - 5

AK Smoked Pork Belly - 9

Pan Seared AK halibut -14

Wild-caught Scallops - 14

Organic Herbed Chicken - 6

Organic Smoked Chicken Quarter - 10

  • Your choice dark or white meat

House-made dressing choices:

ranch, red wine vinaigrette, roasted garlic vinaigrette, roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

Charlou Salad

Mixed greens and cabbage tossed with golden smyrna figs, toasted almonds, seasonal fruit and veggies, with your choice of dressing.

SImple spenard Salad

Mixed greens with cucumber, marinated cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and pickled red onion with your choice of dressing

Mediterranean Salad

Mixed greens with toasted chickpeas, cucumber, marinated cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives and pickled red onion with your choice of dressing. 

Add Lavash crackers $2.00

Charlou Poke - $10

Gluten-free!  Made with wild-caught and sustainably farmed ahi and served over organic greens.  add basmati rice - $1.50

make it a Poke party!

Poke salad for 4 - $35, with basmati rice - $39


Cup $4 / bowl $7

Charlou Lemon Rice Soup

With lavash cracker or gluten-free crackers

Add organic chicken - cup 1.5 / bowl 3.5

chicken noodle soup

With lavash cracker or gluten-free crackers

Soup du Jour

With lavash cracker or gluten-free crackers

Charlou bowls

$10 Individual / $24 family size

All Gluten-Free!

adD PROTEIN to your bowl:

Candied Smoked AK Salmon - 7, Organic Smoked Tofu - 5,

AK Smoked Pork Belly - 9, Pan Seared AK halibut - 14, Wild-caught Scallops - 14,

Organic Herbed Chicken - 6, Organic Smoked Chicken Quarter (Your choice dark or white meat) - 10 

ISabela Bowl

pinto beans, mexi-rice, verde, frito corn salsa, avocado, shaved cabbage, cotija, and poblano sour cream.


Amazu Bowl

basmati rice, cabbage, pickled zucchini, carrots, mung beans, soft-boiled egg, sprouts, and yuzu amazu sauce. 


Soul Bowl

roasted sweet potatoes, poached cabbage, kidney beans, kale chips, cornbread crumble, green peas, caramelized onion, and onion straws.


Baltic Bowl

quinoa, cucumber salad, kalamata olives, marinated cherry tomatoes, saucy garbanzo beans, pepitas, and hummus.


Big Fat Buddha Bowl

basmati rice, curried chickpeas, poached kale, lentils, roasted beets, avocado, cabbage, sprouts, and pepitas.

Keep it Simple Bowl - $7 individual / $16.50 family size

basmati rice, sauteed seasonal vegetables and your choice of yuzu amazu sauce, roasted garlic vinaigrette or roasted red pepper vinaigrette.

Some Like it Hot

Sweet Potato Fries - $12

Large cut and served with a roasted poblano aioli


Falafel Cakes - $9

With hummus, olive oil and citrus marinated fennel


Smoked Pork Belly Tacos - $10

Two tacos with roasted poblano sour creme, frito corn salsa, shaved napa cabbage and cotija on corn tortillas.

add rice and beans $5 / add avocado $3 / Sub organic smoked tofu - no charge

AK Fish N’Chips - $15

Battered AK Rockfish with tartar sauce and charlou potato chips. Sub sweet potato fries with aioli $4.50


Hot Halibut - $19

Nashville-style (spicy!) buttermilk fried halibut with herbed creme fraiche, house pickles, red onion, tomato, and bibb lettuce on a brioche bun or as a lettuce wrap with Charlou Potato Chips. Sub sweet potato fries with aioli $4.50

Sub GF Bun $2.50 


AK Burger - $16.50

Seasoned blend of AK yak and beef, red-onion, tomato, bibb lettuce, and beet ketchup on a brioche bun with Charlou Potato Chips. Sub sweet potato fries with aioli $4.50 / Sub GF Bun $2.50

Add-ons: house bacon $2.50 / avocado $4 / cheddar $1.50 / goat cheese $2 / smoked gouda $1.50


Charlou Burger - $19

AK beef & yak burger, house-made bacon, goat cheese, house pickles, red onion, tomato, bibb lettuce and beet ketchup on a brioche bun with Charlou Potato Chips. Sub sweet potato fries with aioli $4.50 / Sub GF Bun $2.50

For the Kiddos


All kid menu items come with Choice of Chips or veggies & house ranch.

Butter Noodle - $8

AK Pasta Co. spiral noodles with butter and parmesan cheese


Mac & Cheese - $8

AK Pasta Co. spiral noodles with jack & cheddar cheese


Kid Burger - $10

With Charlou potato chips

AK bacon $2.50 / avocado $3 / cheddar $1.50



Charlou Parfait - $10

soft, frozen custard, delicately sweetened with honey on top of a salted pistachio crust,

topped with our house-made apple sauce


Nikole’s Zucchini Bread - $3.50

charlou's spin on a classic, and it's gluten-free!  Shaped like a muffin and served with honey butter

Chugach chocolate bar - $6

  • Prince William Sound Sea Salt

  • AK Birch Syrup Toffee


dram sparkling water 12oz can - $3.50

  •  Lavender & lemon balm

  • Black Tea & Cardamom

  • citrus & blossoms


Zip Kombucha 16oz can - $6.00

  • Plain Jane

  • Mandy Mint

broken tooth rootbeer 12oz can - $2.75

Rock Mountain Soda Co. 12oz bottle - $3.00

  •  Orange Cream

  • prickly pear
  • Birch Beer

  • Lemon-Limeade

  • Elderberry

iced tea / coke / diet coke / sprite - $2.50

indigo organic hot tea (assorted) - $2.50

  • Orange Blossom Green

  • Peppermint

  • Chamomile medley