The story behind Charlou begins with tradition. By blending our grandmothers names, we honor the women that gave us our first food memories, and instilled the values that we bring to every plate.

Charlotte, a midwestern mother of five, used her natural culinary talent as a necessity. however, providing a full table of food to family and friends brought her true happiness, and the heart of her home was always in the kitchen. From her we learned the importance of discipline, but not without boisterous laughter and incredible style.


Gisela Louise, who immigrated to the U.S. from Germany, could famously make a gourmet meal with nothing but flour and water. After her husband was disabled in a car accident, she solely supported her family by becoming a career waitress. From her we learned the importance of hospitality, hard-work, and having a sense of humor through it all.


At the beginning of this journey, we wanted to create a space that we felt would add to the community. A place where all are welcome, with a menu that is inclusive, local, and brings people together. 


Our specialty is coastal cuisine. With some of the world’s best seafood right outside our door, our menu highlights Alaskan ingredients in traditional dishes with a modern flair.


We have combined efforts with our sister store, La Bodega, to create a drink menu that will certainly keep your spirits up! Our knowledgeable staff will happily guide you through every selection and answer any questions you may have.